Tabletop display of one-of-a-kind artisan charm necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Our Story

J'tara's story began several years ago, as many businesses do, based on an unfulfilled need. In our founder's case, it was a desire for a unique, artistic, and stylish jewelry piece.  After many long days of fruitless shopping—both locally and online—J'tara was born. 

Founded with a mission to source and share with other busy shoppers a variety of quality boutique-style products, J'tara offers distinctive jewelry, accessories, and other unique products rarely seen in the typical retail environment. Since J'tara's inception, we have expanded to also include products for men, for the home, and for gift-giving.

More recently, after listening to our clients' requests for better access to our fabulous finds, we now offer much of our merchandise online as well, making it easy to shop day or night, no matter where you are!

Our Name

In founding our company, it has been given the name J'tara, derived from the Indian word "jatara", because of the special meaning it holds. Jataras are joyous and lavish festivals often featuring wonderful handmade jewelry, art, textiles, and gifts. We believe our name encompasses the spirit of our business and celebrates the beautiful handiwork of artisans around the world.

Our Products

In our boutique, you will find thoughtfully chosen, boutique-quality products for varying tastes and price points, all the while, providing outstanding values compared to similar products in the marketplace. With so many of our pieces being J'tara exclusives, one-of-a-kind, or limited production pieces, you can rest assured you'll never see yourself coming and going, nor need be concerned about gifting the same item someone else has given. 

All of our merchandise is selected exclusively with you in mind—from rare and exotic gemstone jewelry to fine art and beyond—all with incredible style and quality. In fact, we only offer products we would want to own ourselves . . . that is our commitment to you.   

How We're Different

J'tara understands there are many opportunities for you to shop locally as well as on the Web. It is our intention, however, for you to make us your FIRST stop when looking for that special jewelry piece or other item. We endeavor to do this in several ways, including providing you with:


As a trusted source for some of the world's most unique and interesting finds, you'll enjoy choosing from a collection of exciting treasures unlike any other, thoughtfully selected just for you!


Our specially-designed, clutter-free, and easy-to-use Web site assures you will find what you need quickly without the hassle of extraneous advertising and other annoyances, helping to prevent accidental clicks onto undesirable Web sites.


We take extra time and effort to provide you with realistic, quality photos that will give you the best opportunity to view our products. No washed out one-dimensional images here!


Unlike some popular online retailers, we don't use tricky tactics to restrict the products you see such as hiding lower priced items, redirecting you to other products, or rotating the results of your product searches.


Except for limited-time offers, a supplier price increase, or certain other rare occurrences, we don't change our prices from one day to the next as some companies do.


Shop freely for the items you want without the need to expose your personal or financial information on questionable websites or with risky third-party sellers. Your information is only used to process your order or to provide customer service (or in certain other rare circumstances) and all transactions are protected by industry-standard SSL or TLS technology.*


Each item is thoroughly inspected before shipment so you will be delighted when your package arrives. (Excludes sealed merchandise.)


No separate shipping charges for each item you order when you spend $30 or more. Nearly all J'tara orders $30 or more ship with free standard shipping! (Certain restrictions apply. Shipping and/or handling surcharges may apply to certain items due to size or weight.)


Nearly all of our merchandise is able to be shipped from one warehouse in one box, reducing the need to be on the watch for multiple packages over several days. 


Correspond directly by e-mail or phone with someone at J'tara who knows our products and will give you answers to the shopping and product questions you may have.


If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 14 days for a full refund of your purchase price.**  Simply follow our easy Return Policy and Instructions provided in the FAQs page.

*See the J'tara Privacy Policy for more information.

**Excludes custom and certain other items. See our Return Policy for complete information.

Other Ways To Shop

For clients interested in viewing our merchandise in person, J'tara offers private showings, home parties, and in-home consultations to approved clients as time allows in the Kansas City metropolitan area (MO only). These visits can be tailored to your specific interests or the interests of your group. In addition, J'tara offers a personal shopping service by phone for busy clients wanting assistance in locating the perfect gift or seeking assistance with their jewelry and accessory wardrobe. We also can assist with planning and scheduling gifts ahead of time. For more information on any of our Specialty Services, including fees and restrictions, see Specialty Services or contact us.     

Supporting Artists in Their Crafts

 From the start, another important aspect of J'tara's mission has been to support and encourage the many talented artists whose incredible work and artistic visions bring such inspiration and joy to our everyday lives. It is the skill of these wonderful artisans whose products are the backbone of our business and whose beautiful designs for which we have such admiration and appreciation. Without all of our support, many of these skills and, in some cases, centuries old techniques are becoming lost forever due to mass production and mechanization.

To that end, J'tara provides opportunities for artists to showcase their work, as well as financial support to charitable causes which help sustain those persons who make their living in the arts. J'tara also supports other community organizations which we feel do important work for those in need. To find out more about these causes, our charitable giving, or to include J'tara products at your fundraiser or charitable event, please contact us.

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